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When you were a little girl, did you play Tea Party? Sitting down at the table, pretending to drink tea, eat finger sandwiches and having a chat? This was one of my favorite things to do as girl and still is today. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a Tea Party in the evening? Now you can.

Tea By Tiffany organizes a monthy Tea Party at Gran Piatto d’Oro in Harlem. For $35, you enjoy a full tea menu, plus wine and champagne. At every event, there is a guest speaker, who shares their wisdom and experience of being an incredible woman.

We attended during Women’s History Month – and our guest speaker was Dr. A Lenora Taitt-Magubane. Hearing her stories about the civil rights movement and her life in the south, was moving. My friends and I listened as she  spoke of the hardships she endured and how she overcame them, to be the strong woman she is today. Just writing about it is bringing tears to my eyes.

What is so lovely about this event, it gathers women from all walks of life and allows them to mingle and celebrate the Goddesses that they are.

I brought a couple of my besties to give us a chance to relax and catch up. We sipped on champagne and tea. Nibbled on scones, cookies, finger sandwiches and mini burgers, while chatting about what’s new in our lives. The evening was so uplifting, inspiring and just lovely. And it was sealed with a Green Tea Cupcake from Jessy Cucpcake Co Mmmm.

If you’d like to attend a future event, go to www.teabytiffany.com/teaparty. You can also find Tea By Tiffany at The Dekalb Market.

Thank you Tiffany and Ladies, for a magical evening.


Happiness. $25 and under.

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