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Did you know that on the lower level of 805 3rd Avenue, lies a Food Atrium that will knock your socks off? I KNOW….who knew? We decided to venture there and check it out. But according to the inside scoop, there’s one place to go. Pampano Taqueria.

$3 TacosFollow the crowd to this authentic taco stand. But let me give you the drill. Go to the right, to order your taco, then shift to the left to the fixings bar. The fixing bars features a variety of fresh salsas, sauces, limes, onions and herbs. Just grab a small plastic cup and fill them to your hearts content.

There’s quite of variety of tacos to choose from. My pick…Pollo and Camaron (Chicken and Shrimp) and an Acqua Fresca of the day. Hearing my number called, I walked up to the counter to pick up my bag.

I found a seat and prepared to feast. Corn tortillas filled with cubed chicken, baby shrimp and guacamole. Along side were my cups of sauces that made every bite a different experience. The tacos are small, so be prepared to order a few. Who cares!!! They’re only $3 each.

But the cherry on the sundae, was the sound of someone tickling the ivories in the background.  🙂



Happiness. $25 and under.



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