New Years Resolution Sweepstakes

"Bryant Park" "New Year Resolution"Now that 2012 is here, we always start the new year off making resolutions. Sound familiar? But instead of making them and breaking, what if you could win a prize for making them? Got your interest yet?

Thanks to  The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park,  we’re giving away four gift certificates for FREE food at the market. What do you have to do? Tell us your New Years Resolution for 2012,

Tweet us, reply here or leave comment on FB. The best resolutions will win a $25 Gift Certificate to one of these food shops :

  • Wafles & Dinges (Shop F03)
  • Aroma Expresso Bar (Shop D01)
  • Max Brenner (Shop I02)
  • Kettel Corn NYC (Shop C10 )

You have until 8pm tonight to send us your entry, so get cracking. The shops close on January 8th.


Who said nothing in life is free?


Happiness, $25 and under.




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A fierce love of food and twin careers in real estate and fashion taught Rose to look for the hottest item and the hottest deal. Perfect attributes for creating When friends and clients needed a great meal at a great price, she could rattle off restaurant names the way a sports nut ticks off batting averages—but with a lot more home runs. Now it’s all at Cheapeats, where you’ll find “Happiness, $25 and under.”


3 Responses to “New Years Resolution Sweepstakes”

  1. Dan Aronoff says:

    I have several resolutions for 2012: doing more cardio, including the insanely exhausting but rewarding spinning classes. I hope to incorporate more salads and homemade smoothies into my diet while dining out at the city’s finest restaurants because that is the duty of a blind food critic!

  2. Rosemarie says:

    We feel your pain. Stay tuned tonight to learn if you won.

  3. Rosemarie says:

    CONGRATS You win a gift certificate!!! We’ll email you the deets. 🙂

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