New York Food And Wine Festival

You would think that Cheapeats would be a regular at the  NY Food &Wine Festival, but I’m embarassed to say that 2011 was my first time. The event I attended – BUBBLES & Q.

The Q in this BBQ was prepared by the female grill master Elizabeth Karmel of Hill Country with bubbles chosen by Mark Oldman. Now bubbles and BBQ isn’t something that you would normally put together, so I was excited to sample the combination.

The event was held downtown where Serafina used to be. Quickly you’re escorted to the bar for a glass of wine. So far so good. After a while, we’re escorted into the dining room where long tables are scattered throughout. I grab a seat and anxiously wait for the feast to begin.



Pimento Cheese Sampler

Pretzel sitting a jar of pimento spread, pimento cheese biscut and pimento cheese spread on celery stalk

Gosset Champagne Brut Excellence


BBQ Chicken with peach chipolte & BBQ sauce

Sergio Prosecco Extra Dry


Salt & Pepper Sparerib, Kreuz market jalapeno cheddar sausage, Post-Oak smoked moist brisket

Argyle Brut Rose, Albrecht Cremant Brut Rose, Wyndham Sparkling Shiraz


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cinzano Brachetti D’Aqui

I laughed. I ate. I learned. I ate. I drank. I ate. And yes I ate. It was great fun and walked away with the knowledge that glamorous bubbles does go with casual BBQ. I mean Sparkling Shiraz???? Who knew.


Happiness, $25 and under.


P.S. Thanks Ellen from CTBites for the invite. I had a BLAST!!

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