Where Can I Find Good Jewish Deli?

One recent afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Nicolle Rekblatt, Social Media Coordinator for a restaurant group on the Upper Westside. She is a big fan of Cheapeats and extended an invitation to check out the restaurants. How flattering. So off I went to sample some goodies.

My first stop was Lansky’s, the old world classic deli on the upper westside. When I stepped in, the place was bustling. It’s been a while since I’ve dined here and was excited to revisit.

The thing about the classic Jewish deli is that they don’t chintz on the food. The sandwiches arrive overflowing with fresh sliced meats. Great for most but not this girl who’s trying to watch her figure. The solution…..2 mini sandwiches. Perfect!!!! I choose corned beef (extra lean) and fresh turkey. I’m excitied.

As I sit chatting with Nicolle, our sweet waitress brings the customary tray of pickles and cole slaw. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This for me, is the true test of how good my food is going to be. I bite into a pickle. Crisp, fresh and garlic flavor. Now the cole slaw. Not over sauced. Crunchy, tangy and sweet. Oh Boy…..my lunch is going to be good!!!!

Within minutes my lunch arrives. 2 mini round rolls, similar to a mini brioche, filled with fresh sliced meets. A little mustard on my corned beef and cole slaw on my turkey. HEAVEN!!! Poor Nicolle had to do all the talking while I savored every bite of my sandwiches. PERFECTION!!!

After lunch, we take a walk so she can show me the other spots. (I needed to walk off my food)

Jalepeno is their Mexican restaurant, serving up burritos and other Mexican delights and KILLER margaritas.

In the mood for Sushi? Not a problem, Sushi A Go Go is theirs too.

What’s needed after a great meal? Well dessert of course and Bombolini is the place to go. Freshly made gelato, espresso and of course, a bambolini, which is an Italian version of a filled donut. Sinful!!!!!

I have to say, I was quite impressed. But if that wasn’t enough, check out these deals at Lansky’s

Express Lunch from Mon-Fri 11:30-2pm 8 different options all served
w/ pickle and Cole Slaw

From 4pm-Closing Monday through Sunday  Brooklyn Lager on Tap -$3
glass, $10 Pitchers. Enjoy it with a 14oz. Black Angus dry Aged Filet Mignon only
$14.95 served w/ fries and small caesar.

.25 cent Spicy (12 min) .50 Cent Buffalo Wings (2min)

Lastly, Sweet Shakes Happy Hour 1/2 off Shakes from 3pm-5pm Mon-Fri

Nicolle and David …..all I can say is “YUM and THANK YOU”


Happiness, $25 and under.




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