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What we call take-out, the Brits call takeaway. Potato Potato. Tomato Tomato. Bottom line, we all eat on the run. We like it quick, but most of all, we like it cheap.

Right next to the St Martins Lane Hotel is a great spot for takeaway. What is it? Fernando’s.

Fernando’s is a small cafe, with about 6 tables, that serves sandwiches and middle eastern cuisine. Everyday, I would pass this cafe and marvel at the massive Shish Kebabs in the window. Note to self, I must try this spot.

After a busy afternoon of meetings, I crawl back to my hotel exhausted and  starving. My mission is to find Cheapeats in London. Then I remembered the cafe next door. I decide to try it out.

I’m greeted with a smile and asked what would I like. I ask if they have any of those Shish Kebabs I see in the window everyday. They call to the kitchen in the back and told they have one left. I’ll take it. I’m asked if I would like rice and salad with that. Absolutely!

While I’m waiting for my lunch, I watch the locals come in to get a sandwich, salad or pasta to feast during their lunch break. I share with the owner that I’m from New York. I’m staying at the hotel next door. I pass by this cafe everyday. It always smells great and the Shish Kebabs look delicious. They’re very grateful, hope I like it and will be back.

Shish Kebab Fernando's

When I get up to my room, I tear open my bag. My takeaway was a work of art. Large cubes of grilled chicken that are plump, juicy and moist. Surrounded by grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, salad and rice. On top is a tangy sweet and hot sauce. One word; D E L I C I O U S.!!!! Sitting in my fabulous room, watching House Hunters on TV, and enjoying a wonderful lunch. It doesn’t get better than this. This cafe didn’t disappoint.

So how cheap, I mean how much was this delicous takeway? £4.50 ($7.51US)

Happiness, $25 and under.

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