How To Eat Cheap In An Expensive London Restaurant

Eat Cheap In An Expensive RestaurantWe all hear on the news that the US Dollar is weak but it doesn’t really hit you, until you travel abroad. When you punch those numbers into your calculator, they REALLY don’t add up. What’s a girl to do? Let me share some tips and tricks on how you can eat cheap in an expensive restaurant.

When you arrive in London, it doesn’t take long for jet lag to set in. You’re tired from the flight, the cab ride and settling in to your hotel. The first thing we normally do is eat. Of course we look to our hotel restaurants first because they’re quick and easy. But what if your hotel restaurant is on the high end? Can you swing it? Yes you can.

During our stay at the FABULOUS St Martins Lane Hotel, our first day was exhausting. By evening, we were tired, jet lagged and hungry. Our hotel restaurant was the also FABULOUS Asia de Cuba, that features Asian/Latin fusion. Being from New York, I’m very familiar with this restaurant and their prices. But as always, Cheapeats has some tricks up her sleeves. There are a few ways you can go here. They offer 4 different Bento Boxes. In them are a sampling of 4 dishes, very much like a Bento Box found in a Japanese Restaurant. Enough food to fill you and cost effective because you get to try a variety of dishes without having to order a few entrees. Priced around $20-$25US. Not bad..right?

But what happens, if you’re REALLY hungry like us or you don’t like 1-2 of the dishes in the box; also like us. No worries, you can still dine here. Most Asia de Cuba’s entrees are large enough to share. So you can order 2-3 entrees and feed an army. Which is exactly what we did. They run anywhere run $18-$25US a plate, so split 2-3 ways, it’s not bad at all.

The must have on my plate was their Famous Crispy Calamari Salad. As long as I had that, I was a happy camper. After the salad and couple of other entrees, the color came back in our cheeks and smiles were on our faces. But it wasn’t the food alone. Claudio, our gorgeous waiter, added to our experience. He waited on us hand and foot and made sure we were happy and satisfied. WE WERE.

With just a little room left, we decided to order dessert. The Sampler Box looks good, but Claudio insisted we try the Mexican Donuts. You only live once, bring us both. Bad decision! Charming Claudio sets down a tray with a variety a treats and next to that, a basket of what looks like zeppoles. Being he recommended the donuts, I must try that first.

Picture a round pillow of airy fried dough sprinkled with sugar and a bowl of creamy dulce de leche to dip. And if that’s not enough, it’s stuffed with dulce de leche too. As he walked over to see if we liked his recommendations, we all looked at him moaning from the ecstasy of this dessert. Who needed the dessert sampler when we had MEXICAN DONUTS. I was in a Mexicoma.

The donuts and dessert sampler did put us over the budget but it was SO worth it. We loved these donuts so much, we ordered them up to our room everyday.

Happiness, $25 and under.

P.S. Asia de Cuba NYC – YOU MUST ADD THIS DESSERT TO YOUR MENU. I can’t keep flying to London to get my fix.

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