Dinner And A Movie

How many times do you want to grab a bite before or after a movie? Get to the theater to early? Missed the showing and need to wait around till the next one? Sound familiar? You usually look in a 2 block radius for something that is quick and hopefully good. If you’re heading to the Kips Bay Theater, head over the Benjamin Restaurant & Bar.

Benjamin is a pub/bistro in Murray Hill where you can grab a burger, beer and yes a salad. It’s rustic interior is warm and cozy. Perfect for a quick bite.

But Ladies, don’t you fret, there are healthy options for you. One of my faves is their California Tortilla Roll. Yellow Fin Tuna with avocado, cucumber, black beans & salsa. (You can also get it with chicken or shrimp). They have a little bit of everything for everyone. 

They offer weekly events such as: Steak or Lobster Monday $17.95, Sunday Pasta Fest $13.95, 1/2 price  appetizer Wednesdays and Sunset Dinners $13.95.

You can grab dinner and a movie and not break the bank. Even have money left over for some popcorn too!


Happiness, $25 and under. 

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