Where Can I Find Good Mexican In New York City?

I have asked this question before and have gotten flack. But the question I’m always asked from locals and out of towners is; “Where can I find good Mexican food in NYC?”  Lucky for me, there’s a great spot right in my own backyard.

Mexico Lindo is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Gramercy. The terra cotta exterior gives you a glimpse of its heritage and what’s to come. Walk through the wooden doors and you literally walk into a Mexcian Cantina. White stucco walls, tiled floors, wooden tables and the friendliest staff ever. It’s warm, inviting and the smells coming from the kitchen are magic.

The place is always buzzing with couples, families and friends enjoying a glass of sangria or a cueveza and feasting on delicous food. Arroz con Pollo, Enchiladas, Tacos, Camarones to name just a few. Many evenings, they’ll have live musicians walking around the room, seranading the patrons and perhaps even coaxing a few to sing along. It’s like a quick Mexican vacation without the airport drama.

The food is fresh, tasty and absolutely delicious. The preview for me of how good a Mexican restaurant is going to be are the chips & salsa. Their’s doesn’t disappoint. With a bowl of their delicous Black Bean soup, it’s the perfect meal.

If you need a place to take your special someone, celebrate a birthday or need an excuse for a fiesta….head over to Mexico Lindo. It’s like eating at your Grandmother’s house. It feels like home.

Happiness, $25 and under.



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