Curry In A Hurry

New Yorkers are known for always being on the go. Running around town. Juggling many things at one time and yes, eating on the run. Often, we don’t have time to sit down to a proper meal or have patience to wait for table service. When Indian is on the agenda, what can you do? Head over to Curry In A Hurry.

Curry In A Hurry, located in Curry Hill, is the place to grab some Indian grub when you’re on the run. Located on the corner of Lexington Avenue & 28th St with the big blue sign, this spot serves up food that is quick and cheap.

The menu on the wall lists the many combination platters that you can order – Tandori, Tikka, Tikka Masala, Vegetarian and so on. Behind the glass counter are the various dishes in their steaming aluminum trays. Just point to them  and the men behind the counter will serve up your platter in a matter of seconds. They turn over plenty of meals in a day, so no dilly dallying allowed. You can even take your meal upstairs and relax at a table.

Now I will say, there are other options around town that I much prefer, but if I’m in a hurry or strapped for cash, Curry In A Hurry is a good option. Even Russells Simmons has been known to eat here.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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