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When it comes time for lunch, the normal choice is a sandwich. Quick, easy and portable. But it can get boring, right? Ham & Cheese. Turkey & Swiss. Tuna on Rye. BORING!!!! Well the art of the sandwich has been turned on it’s head and here’s the latest spot to hit the market.

No 7 Sub is the  newest sandwich shop to open in the Ace Hotel .  The interior looks like a giant blackboard with it’s black walls and floor. The sandwich choices are hung above the kitchen and are changed out every few weeks. Lamb Meatloaf, Braised Short ribs, Brie & Apples. Not your ordinary choices. As I stand there and mull over my options, I decide to be a little adventurous. Brussel Sprouts Reuben. I know, call me kooky.

I watch the cooks from the open kitchen prepare my sandwich and in a instant my name is called out. Wow, that was fast! You can either eat your sandwich standing at the counter by the windows and watch the pedestrians walk by on Broadway or take it home. Sorry…there are no sit down tables. I decide to take my home.

I carefully open my white package and think; “Is this what I ordered?” I thought it was a normal Reuben, you know with corned beef and sauerkraut with brussels sprouts thrown in. But this was all vegetarian. Oh well, after a few weeks of holiday eating, I could use some greens. I take a bite, not bad. It really does taste  like a Reuben without the meat. Tangy and sweet dressing combined with the salty bite of swiss cheese on a long roll. Overall, not bad.

I will say that I wasn’t blown away like other people have been. The bread could have been fresher. Just a bit too dry. I’ll give them a pass because it was a holiday. There choices are very lamb, beef and pork driven. which is great for most but not for me. They did mix it up with Brie & Apples and Olive Poached Artic Char but they were both cold sandwiches and a cold winters day, you want warm. Hint! Hint!

I think this is more of a guy’s guy’s spot. Big hearty and meaty. For me, the jury is still out. Perhaps after another try, I’ll be able to give my verdict.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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