Shopping And Eat Under One Roof

How many times have you thought to yourself that wouldn’t it be nice to be able to shop and eat all under one roof. Well your prayers have been answered.

The Smile is a street level hybrid general store and cafe in the fashionable Noho neighborhood. On a recent afternoon in between appoitments, I thought I’d grab a quick lunch and check them out.

First you must step down the black metal stairs and you’ll see a wooden door. Once you step inside you are taken back into time when a general store was common place. Exposed brick walls with wooden shelves attached displaying an array of wares to purchase. Random tables and counters to grab a bite. I noticed stairs leading down to the basement. Was going to venture but wasn’t sure if it was for the public or private. Instead, I grabbed a seat at the center communal table and started my new adventure in the old wild west.

My server was a sweet girl who offered a few suggestions from the small menu that consisted of unusual and unique salads and sandwiches. I thought I would be original and ordered the ricotta, fig and honey sandwich and an iced tea. My iced tea comes first. Mmmm, fresh brewed with a hint of fruit. So far so good. Next my sandwich. Creamy ricotta, sliced fresh figs with a drizzle of honey on thinly sliced whole grain bread. I take a bite. Creamy, sweet and savory. The honey had a unique and intense flavor that I couldn’t quite place but very good and messy. I’m such a kid at heart.

The portions at The Smile aren’t big and I would say it falls on the medium scale of the Cheapeats budget but definitely worth checking out. They are open for dinner as well and serve wine and beer. Hopefully it will bring to your face too.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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