Cheapeats For The Starving Student – Part 2

Oh the challenge of eating well on a student’s budget. McDonald’s, Burger King, wings & beer. Sound familiar? Well here’s another option to get some hearty and healthy food in that belly.

Quantum Leap is a quaint spot in the middle of Greenwich Village and NYU, serving up healthy grub in a casual setting. The rustic decor makes it feel warm,  cozy and inviting. Daily specials are listed on the blackboard and signs hanging on the walls describing the various dishes and specialties of the house.

While glancing over their menu during my recent lunch, I was amazed by the variety of vegetarian and seafood options. What to choose? What to choose? I decided to order their quantum stew. It’s a hearty stew with brown rice, tofu, grilled veggies and chili with the most amazing mushroom gravy on the side. Each component was strategically placed in their own corner in my bowl but when mixed together….KABOOM, you’re on the road to flavor town.  It was hearty, full of flavor and warming. Perfect for a chilly Autumn day.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to dine here. But some greens and natural food, never hurt anyone. You can reward with yourself with a special yummy gift….dessert.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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