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After a fun time sipping champagne and browsing a furniture showroom with a girlfriend, as always I’m turned to with the question; “Where should we eat?” Oh the pressure. She’s trying to watch her figure because she needs to fit into her dress for her daughter’s wedding. OK so healthy, tasty and of course…cheap. What’s my choice? Ali Baba

Ali Baba is the little restaurant that could in Murray Hill. What started off as a hole in the wall has thankfully expanded in size to accommodate it’s huge fan base. This charming restaurant serves authentic Turkish Cuisine with a Mediterranean flare.

We walk in and are immediately greeted with a warm smile. We are seated in their new expansion, handed a menu and away we go. I suggested the assorted appetizer platter which includes eggplant salad, hummus, olives, tzatziki and of course pita bread. I ordered grilled fish and my friend ordered my favorite dish, grilled salmon wrapped in grape leaves. Both of these dishes are served with a green salad. Very figure friendly.

Our appetizer platter arrives and we dig in. So many dips, so little time. I pace myself and move away from the platter in time. My friend, not so lucky. She was hooked on the freshness and tastiness of all the dips. Honestly, a meal in itself. Our entrees arrive and she looks at me and is stuffed. My fish was simply prepared. Grilled sea bass with lemon and olive oil and a side salad. Hers is my all time favorite. Cubed salmon wrapped in grape leaves and grilled over a fire. I still can’t figure out the sauce inside but it’s light with a hint of dill. It’s a combination of smoky flavor from the grill and sweetness of the fish and sauce.  IT’S LIKE BUTTER.

The portions were so big, we each took half our dinner home. Lunch tomorrow…score!

Happiness, $25 and under.

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