Pizza, Pasta and Espresso

After a long day of showing apartments in Tribeca, what I needed was a good cappuccino. I reach the corner of Franklin and West Broadway and see a charming Tavola Calda. I walk inside and am greeted by a handsome Italian. Cappucino please. As I see him working on my drink I get a wiff of the pizza coming out of the oven. Not your typical round pie but the long rectangle logs you find in Rome.

I reach into my wallet to pay and realize I only have a dollar. Darn. Can I use my debit card? The gorgeous Italian says,” it’s my treat and I hope you’ll be back soon.” Well gorgeous Italian, if you’re here, I will.

Well as promised, I did. Franklin Cafe is a charming cafe serving pizza, pasta, salads, secondi piatti and desserts. Basically an Italian cafeteria with the volume turned up. Everything there is fresh and delicous. The service is outstanding. It was like a quick trip to Italy without the jet lag. Did I mention great eyecandy too:)?

Happiness, $25 and under.

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