The Best Gyros In Town

Street food has come a long way from your typical dirty water dog. Truely not my favorite venue for eating but when a friend tells me that I must try these Gyros, my curiosity is peaked.” Go to cart on the corner of West 53rd Street and 6th Avenue.” ” How will I know if I’m going to the right one?”  “Trust me, you’ll know.” I see a line half way down the block….I found  the right one.

While standing in line waiting, I start chatting with a guy from Florida. He was here on holiday and everytime he comes to New York, he eats from this cart. Really? How come I’ve never heard about it. Finally I get to the front. I’ll have a chicken/lamb combo over rice. The fine tuned assembly line hands me my order. $6 please. You can’t beat the price. I normally don’t eat lamb but in a Gyro, I do. I know, makes no sense but it does to me.

I pop a squat on an outdoor bench, open my platter and marvel at my lunch. Spiced rice, salad, chicken, lamb with a yogurt and hot sauce. I take a wiff. This is going to be good. I take a little of everything to make the perfect bite. open wide….YUUMMM. Moist, tender, full of flavor. The right mix of spices and heat. OMG this is the best Gyro…EVER.

For $6, your platter is packed. Honestly two  people can share it. I took the rest home. I can see why the midtown office workers, guests at the local hotels and tourists are lining up to eat from here. Just follow the line to the best lunch deal in town.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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