Cupcakes, Cappucino and Cake….Oh My

After leaving an Open House on a hot and sunny Sunday, I was in need of a cold drink. I’m hot. I’m tired and don’t want to go far. What’s this I see?  A bakery. Looks cute. Let’s go in.  I look at the man behind the counter who’s sipping  an iced tea and ask; “Do you have fresh iced tea?” Of course they do….he’s drinking one. Duh…. the heat is really getting to me. Iced tea please. Wait, a lemonade. No an iced tea. Can I have 1/2 iced tea, 1/2 lemonade?  No problem.

While waiting for my drink I notice all the delicious cupcakes on display. Yum. As if they were reading my mind, I’m asked if I would like a sample while. A cupcake sample? Am I in heaven? I’m handed a mini red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and my drink. Take a sip. Refreshing. Take a bite. I am in heaven.

Tonnie’s Minis is a quaint Harlem spot serving up tasty cupcakes, cakes, cookies and treats. You can have a mini cake shot, the standard California or  the grand Hollywood.  Check out these flavors – Red Velvet, Death By Chocolate, Strawberry Twist and many more.

What I loved most about Tonnie’s is their service. Everyone had a smile and welcomed me with open arms. That’s what I love about neighborhood spots….pride in their product.

If you need treats for a birthday, party, special event or corporate gift, give them a shout. They deliver anywhere in Manhattan. You won’t be disappointed.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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