Food Expansion To Support Health

Fruits VeggiesWe all at one time or another complain about our elected officials. Tax increases, reduced services, layoffs. The usual suspects. But once in a while we do have to acknowledge the good they do. The Mayor’s Food Policy Taskforce is one of them.

The New York City Department of Health, City Planning and Economic Development Corporation got together and showed the Mayor that many low-income neighborhoods across the city are underserved by neighborhood grocery stores. Because of this, these areas are lacking nutritious and affordable fresh food. A crime in this day and age.

These underserved areas are known to have the highest levels of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. While many are arguing the current health care reform and the high cost of health insurance, we overlook a simple solution. Prevention instead of reaction.

Good nutrition is a major step to healthy living. The nutrients, vitamins and disease control that comes from our food is inmeasurable and the city now recognizes this.

The Fresh program is creating grocery stores through zoning and financial incentives.


  • Additional development rights
  • Reduction in required parking
  • Larger – as – of – right stores in light manufacturing districts


  • Real Estate Tax Reductions for 25yrs
  • Sales tax exemption
  • Mortgage recording tax deferral
  • Incentives to renovate existing retail space

Cheers to the Bloomberg administration for recognizing that fresh healthy food isn’t a privilege but a right.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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