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French Roast

Cafe Au Lait, Omelettes, French Onion Soup. If any of these sound good to you, then head over to French Roast. This Village bistro is France’s version of the 24hr diner. You can grab a meal at anytime…day or night.

 On a recent chilly afternoon,  l had time for a proper lunch and needed something to warm my belly. As always the place was packed and the only place for a single diner was the bar. OK by me. You can usually strike up a conversation with someone.

Glancing over the menu, I find something that catches my eye. Omelette with chorizo, onion and gruyere. Yes please and a cafe au lait. Call me crazy but I love an authentic bistro that serves their cafe au lait in a bowl with no handles.  Holding it warms my cold hands. Moving on.

My omelette was light, fluffy and every bite released a variety of flavors. Boy the french are masters at making  omelettes. The perfect meal for a chilly winter day. My belly and hands were happy.

Happiness, $25 and under.


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