Lunch With A Twist


More often than not, your typical cafe/coffee house is met with the same selections. Uninventive sandwiches, salads and desserts. Well that is no longer true. Fabiane’s in Williamsburg is shaking things up.

This spot offer creative sandwiches like smoked duck, turkey with cranberry chutney and homemade chicken pot pie. Their daily specials reflect in season ingredients such as Salmon burgers, wild mushroom & brown rice medley and butternut squash soup.

Big deal you’re saying…good sandwiches and salads. So what! Their desserts are killer and many are wheat free. This is a miracle for those that have a gluten intolerance. Pistachio cake, Creme Brulee, chocolate cake. Taste without the guilt.

My vote….2 thumbs up.


Happiness, $25 and under


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