Taste of San Francisco Street Food

Frmrs Mkt Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Cheapeats has finally come out of it’s food coma after attending the 1st Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. It was quite an experience and opened our eyes to the foodie town on San Francisco.

The first evening presented a tasting of San Francisco street food. Now when I think of street food, I think of dirty water dogs, pretzels or those honey roasted nuts. Folks, this isn’t your ordinary street food. It’s perfection on a plate.


Chicharrones from 4505Meats.  I’m not a fan of fried pork rinds but appreciate the talent in creating this popular snack. It was popular amongst the crowd.

Raw Oysters from Hog Island Oyster Co. Just leave the tray with me. These are by far the best oysters I’ve ever eaten. Ice cold, juicy  and fresh. It was like a taste of the ocean in your mouth.  

Flatbread Pizza Crisps from Alive. This vegetarian restaurant served up vegan pizza with cashew cream, tomato and basil. You’ll never miss the cheese.

Amazing pizza from Pizza Politana. This Italian girl from New York is a pizza snob and doesn’t pass out compliments freely. The eggplant, olive, feta and parsley pizza is one of the best I’ve ever had. They even cooked it in a portable wood burning oven. Impressive!!!

Porchetta sandwiches from Roli Roti. This was the hot spot of the event and the crowd favorite. Picture a huge rotisserie on wheels. Rows of pork roasts spinning on silver rods spewing flavorful juices on a bed of roasted fingerling potatoes. Again, I’m not a fan of pork but will give credit where credit is due. For those that love crunchy skin, this is for you.

Vegetarian and meat pies from Pie Truck. The perfect snack that comes with it’s own carrying case.

Beet Salad with Blue Cheese for Spencer of the Go. Their new concept in dining is offering French take away. I love a good beet salad and this didn’t disappoint.

Tacos from Tacolicious. Being a East Coaster, our definition of a taco is that hard shell with sloppy joe filling. Boring!!! This vendor served up a trio of delectable fillings in a soft, warm tortilla. I had the chorizo potatoe taco. Interesting mix of flavors. Yum.

Cheapeaters. I saved the best part for last. Dessert. What better way of ending a great meal than cake and ice cream.

Mini cupcakes from Mission Minis. My name is Rosemarie and I am a cupcakeaholic. There isn’t a cupcake I won’t say no to. They are the perfect sized dessert. A few bites and your sweet tooth is satisfied. These tasty cupcakes came in an array of flavors including red velvet (my favorite), pumpkin spice, aztec chocolate (if you loved devil dogs as a kid..you’ll love these), yellow cake and lemon chiffon. Order these for your next party!

Vanilla and Coffe Ice Cream from Straus Family Creamery. This certified organic dairy provides their products to a number of restaurants and food manufacturers but do offer a line of goods to the average consumer. This ice cream was rich, creamy and tasted homemade. It was so simple but so good. I felt like a kid again.

After this festive evening, it proved that food doesn’t have to complicated or expensive to be good.

Happiness, $25 and under.

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