Oldest Bar In New York City

Pete's TavernNow that more and more people know about my launching of Cheapeats, I’m put on the spot even more for restaurant suggestions. Let’s meet for lunch and let’s try one of your cheapeats restaurants. No pressure!

I recently had a New York moment when I ran into 2 strangers, started a conversation and immediately hit if off with them. Funny how that can happen. You realize you have things in common or something about them tells you…We should be friends.

We decided to get together for lunch and hey, let’s try one of your cheapeats. See the common theme here? Gramercy was the common location, so I chose Pete’s Tavern. I can hear you saying; “Oh right, I forgot about that place. That is a good spot.” It was a lovely day, so we took advantage and sat outside.

This spot has so much history. It’s where O’Henry and Washington Irving used to hang out. If I could have been a fly on the wall back then. The interior is reminiscent of a scene from Cheers. Black and white tile floors, TV in the background playing the game, wooden booths and the long wooden bar. Ladies…lots of men hang out here but I’m digressing.

All 3 of us ordered the lunch special. Salmon with julienne vegetable and wild rice for $9.95. You read right. A fish entree for under $10. It was simply prepared but delicious. Am I a genius or what? Monday nights are Pasta night. Choice of 4 pastas, salad and glass of wine $10.95.  Can you beat that? My new friends and I decided that this would be our spot.

You never know who you’ll meet or the people who will cross your paths. Just know that you’ll always be able to meet at a great spot and it won’t  kill your wallet.


Happiness, $25 and under.

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