Rock on Julie & Julia

Julie & JuliaI had the delight of seeing Julie & Julia this weekend. A sweet story about two women who were lost in their lives, but found themselves and their way home through food. Julia was truly ahead of her time. Standing over 6ft tall and living in a foreign country. Feeling like she didn’t belong and trying to find her passion. After realizing that her passion was food, she taught us to conquer our fears.  She made the unreachable French style cooking accessible to the home cook.

Julie was a woman just coasting through life. Watching her friends working these high powered jobs and feeling invisible and insignificant. She too felt that the only place she belonged was in the kitchen.  The Julia Child cookbook brought her back to her childhood when things were simple and you always felt safe. Sound familiar?

How many of our memories are built around food? My Grandfather’s meatballs that were the size of baseballs but yet his hamburgers were golf balls. My Aunt Mary always serving me a proper cup of tea in a  Bone China cup. The summer I spent at my cousins after their annual July 4th BBQ and eating leftover chicken and macaroni salad everyday for weeks.  The annual jar of my friend Raquel’s Mother’s secret Sofrito which is like liquid gold. It can turn any boring dish into a gourmet delight. Why won’t she let us package it?

When life gets crazy and I am standing on shaky ground, I too find solace in my kitchen. It calms me and allows me to be creative. I can hide from all the craziness and distractions of life and shut them out while simmering something away on the stove.

Food is the universal language. We all speak it and understand it. It’s home.

Bon Appetit!

Happiness, $25 and under.

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