The Tasting Hour : Sake Ti Ni!

Picture 2I love it when high-end restaurants get creative with their menus to attract foodies to their lair. Surely you’ve noticed the recession menus all over New York City from otherwise not so inexpensive establishments. I say take advantage of it! It feels like restaurant week everyday!

One of my favorites is Japonais‘ Tasting Hour that is available Monday – Thursday from 5PM to 11PM and Friday – Saturday from 5PM to 8PM. Not a short happy hour that requires you to leave the office rushing for a few beers. Dig? Here’s more,  the Tasting Hour includes FOOD! Not your usual grease me up bar food, but delicious maki rolls, lobster spring rolls, shiitake fried rice, etc. for $7 per small plate. Drinks are decent too at $4 for beers like Sapporo, Sapporo Light, Amstel Light, Heineken and Kaliber. Prefer specialty cocktails like I do? Also at $4 each Sake Martini, Asian Pear Martini, Startini and a Japonais Weekly Special.

Need more? The Japonais burger is offered at $12 and a tuna pastrami at $14. You can still afford two saketinis or beers and spend less than $25!

Japonais is great spot for friends to hang out in the lounge section. Super cozy too for romantic dates. For large groups ask about the mezzanine level!

 Happines, $25 and under.

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