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Stone Home Wine BarHolla fellow Brooklynites and those curious to explore the better half of Manhattan. 🙂 I’ve raved consistently about my petit Montmarte also known as Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  A little haven and paradise enclaved with lush, historic brownstones and beautiful happy people. I can increase my raving decibel a notch because one of personal favorite neighborhood restaurants Stone Home Wine Bar offers Happiness, $25 and under.

IF you are up for early dining in style this summer (we have a little over a month to go!), try Stone Home’s three-course prix fixe menu for $25 from 5:00PM – 7:30PM daily. It is the regular menu offered at an affordable price. The usually dinner price per person without vino ranges from $45 (without wine) -$65 (with wine) per person.

The ambiance screams romance novel, yet welcoming for groups. The menu is…let’s put it this way, I never tire of it.

Deliciousness all over and you are assured of the freshest organic ingredients from local farmers. My favorite dishes: appetizer Simple Green Salad; main course Pan-Roasted Chicken (it is organic) and you must try the Warm Bittersweet Chocolate Cake for a decadent finish. Make sure to let your server know in advance as it takes 10 minutes of prep time.

The wine list is an excellent mix from Spain, France, California and other global wine regions. So if you want to splurge over $25 you won’t be disappointed with the selection or you can try the tasting flights.

For romantic dates take a little stroll in Fort Greene Park or a bike ride from Dumbo or Prospect Heights.

Lastly,  if you’re the type who enjoys the outdoors in this muggy weather ask for a table in the garden!

Happiness, $25 and under!

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