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I was down in Tribeca showing an apartment and decided to take a break and grab an iced tea when I stumbled upon an eggshell colored truck on the corner of Harrison & Greenwich. I thought, why not grab a treat. While reading their menu, I was greeted by the delightful brother/sister team of  Diana and Thomas. They politely offered me some samples of their goodies.

If you can imagine moist, tender and juicy chicken over rice with a sauce that is a little tangy, a little salty and unlike anything I’ve ever tasted….all for $6. My next sample were dumplings.  Now. I’m not a big fan of pork dumplings, but these were meaty and not fatty at all. Combined with their secret sauce….you’re in pig heaven. They do serve vegan dumplings but were sold out. Darn…I guess they’re that good. My mouth is watering just remembering the experience.

They are combining the freshest of ingredients and their Grandmother’s secret recipes to offer authentic homemade Tawainese cooking to the public. What a homage to their heritage. Grandma would be proud. Their menu is small by design to keep it fresh and simple. You know the mantra..KISS…keep it simple stupid. Now. I’m not a purveyor or promoter of street food, but for this, I will make an excepetion.

They just set up shop about a month ago, but trust me, they have a long future ahead of them. They’re truck is parked in designated areas around town during lunch. Check out their schedule. For dinner, they’re always at the corner of 3rd Ave & Astor Place.

The Cheapeats goal is to find a tasty and  inexpensive meal in a great setting. Why not pick up a meal to go, lay out a blanket in the park or sit  by the water. Crack open a bottle of wine, watch the sunset and have a fabulous picnic under the stars. Aaahhh!!!

Happiness, $25 and under.

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